Thursday, May 31, 2012

Been a year already... WOW!

 As I was reading a few blogs I decided to go to my own and read it. Well as you may have noticed it has been a YEAR since I last blogged. To be honest I forgot I even had a blog, so here we are.

Myah is now in a big girl bed, she also is in Preschool! she can ride her bike but fell off of it a few weeks ago and almost broke her arm so she is still slightly afraid of it; she mainly sticks to riding her scooter. She can write her own name with very little help, and so many other things that just wow me everyday! 

first day of preschool!

Austin is an official police officer!! I can not tell you how scary that is for me, when at the same time it is such a relief that he finally accomplished his goal! He is the most amazing husband I could ask for. From working 40 hrs in just overtime to changing Myah's sheets at 4 in the morning because she wet the bed, and lets not forget him surprising me with a clean house on multiple occasion's he is honestly the most inspiring person I know! I currently am working at the UVU daycare in the infant room again and love it.

We no longer have Koda, He was WAY to much work and not enough time or money to repair the damages he caused! We found a puppy that suited us much better and her name is Jasmine she is an Australian Shepard mixed with american escamo. She is such a good dog and is now a year old we got her as a puppy though. Myah absolutely adores her as well which is a plus!

We have been spending much of our free time at the baseball fields at UVU watching the games. It is a blast to  watch Myah get excited about home runs and catching baseballs! The remainder of our time is spent on home improvements, swimming, the aquarium, parks,and mini golfing.

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